Creating a Life You Love

There is so much pressure, especially in the United States, to make money, buy a house and have family.  There's also the strong desire to become famous. Fame is now available for anyone that owns a smart phone and a social media account.  Success these days is now weighed by how many...

How I Cope with Anxiety

My anxiety stems from multiple circumstances. Sometimes it's crippling. As in, I can't get out of bed because my heart is racing, I can't breathe and all I feel is impending doom.  I have social anxiety and until recently, I had no idea that I was actually

Being comfortable alone

We really should learn to be comfortable alone.  Although spending quality time with people is necessary for a fulfilling life, it's not essential to be talking to people all day long.  We should learn to be comfortable with the silence. We should learn to listen to...

I drove across the country

 ...if you're feeling trapped, used, abused... I promise you... Run Away. You'll find people who will treat you with such love and kindness that you will find yourself again. Or you'll find the strength inside you that says you can handle anything. Maybe you'll even find both. Just always remember to keep running.  

The Misunderstood Millennials

Each generation has lived through some pretty rough times throughout history, but because of the media and how accessible information has become, Millennials have the most tortured souls.  We're just trying to find something that makes us happy because death is inevitable.  We were the ones that watched the towers fall at very influential ages.