For Sale

6"x6" embroidery hoop covered in felt petals in varying shades of blue, pink, and purple.

AVAILABLE - $15 email to claim

4"x5.5" oval embroidery hoop with GROW in dark pink with plants embroidered around the edges.

AVAILABLE - $10 email to claim

Miscellaneous pieces

Embroidery hoop with three stalks of lavender in the center, ringed by blue stitches.


Embroidery hoop with colorful abstract stitches on burlap.


Embroidery hoop with colorful abstract stitches on orange felt.


Embroidery hoop with "Turpentine erase me whole" in black stitches over green fabric with a bee pattern.


Embroidery hoop with "A Heart's a Heavy Burden" from the Studio Ghibli film Howl's Moving Castle around an anatomically correct heart.


Embroidery hoop with gray fabric and assorted vintage buttons.


Works in Progress

Embroidery hoop with a partially-done moth in vibrant colors. A needle is threaded with pastel green embroidery floss and is coming out of one wing.

Personal project, not for sale.

Two embroidery hoops side by side. Each has a landscape with mountains. One is fully finished, and one still has raw edges.