Affordable Essentials for the Outdoor Traveler

Affordable Essentials for the Outdoor Traveler

Are you an avid outdoor traveler? Are you trying to find a gift for a traveler or a friend that loves hiking? Are you a solo traveler?  If you're any of the above, then keep reading, you'll find all the travel essentials that you'll need that are also within your budget!  One thing about this upcoming time of year is the excitement of buying gifts for people (c'mon people, time to start now, the holiday is coming)!  And if you're buying for yourself, well good, you deserve nice things too!! 

Although I often speak about how less is more (it really is), I wanted to compile a list of essentials for traveling...because even the most committed minimalist does need to own some things for travel. And listen, if you need it, I give you permission...Hell, I'll even say it's okay to spend some money on materialistic goods when it's in the name of TRAVEL!

This post does contain affiliate links, but our opinions are our own. 


1.) Nextour packing cubes  

These are particular handy for the camping fiend or hiking lover.  You don't know how great they are until you have them!  They can split up your clothes for easy access and organization. Plus, you have a place to put your dirty laundry. On that note, maybe start handing them out to your dramatic friends, too! :)  Super handy and affordable!

2.) Passport & Phone Holder

Passport holders are pretty useful when you're traveling to a different country.  The nice thing about these bags is they also hold your phone.  I'm the worst at keeping track of my passport and my phone so it's perfect!  It's super cute to wear alone and it's small enough to throw into your larger purse or backpack!  I love the little Anchor detail too! (There are more options but this one is my favorite). 


3.) GoPro (Or any camera for that matter) 

Listen, as much as our cell phones are super amazing at taking photos now, we can't trust that we won't lose the photos. I'm a big fan of DSLR cameras, but we are talking about packing as light as possible. It's important to me that I'm capturing my travels on more than one device. That's why I have a GoPro.  The GoPro may not be the most affordable, but it's definitely one of the smallest which helps when you're packing lightly and still takes good quality photo and video. I myself have the GoPro Hero4, but you can find other decently priced ones like the one below! 

4.) Comfy Shoes

You'll hopefully be walking around and enjoying the sites. Although I do think a good pair of hiking boots is also essential(you seriously have to find your favorites because everyone varies), you also want to look cute during your not-so-strenuous walking if you're in a city. These super cute Sperry's are very comfortable and quite affordable on Amazon - I love mine! 

5.) Portable Hammock

This one is slightly optional, if you plan to do a lot of hiking and camping throughout your travels.  A portable hammock is the best way to go. It keeps you from having to pack an air mattress and a tent. There are quite a few options with all decent ratings, this one is just a favorite and the most affordable. 

6.)  Backpack 

I know this one seems to be on everyone's list, but don't forget to buy a comfortable, lightweight backpack.  This one in particular is waterproof which I find to be one of the most important things to have. There is nothing worse then ending the day with soaked clothing!! Keep in mind, your backpack will get heavy the more you put in it, so buy the lightest one you can find! 

7.)  Portable Phone Charger

I know I preach against technology the majority of the time, but I do also say it can be used for good.  I would highly suggest a  portable phone charger, especially if you're a solo traveler and you plan to do a lot of hiking.  Safety is key. It's light weight and sleek. Just don't lose it! :) 

8.) First Aid Kit

Ok, I might sound like your mother right now, but seriously, get a small first aid kit. I seem to be a little clumsy and accident prone, but these things are super handy and this one doesn't take up much space.   Besides, even if you're not the one that needs it, someone else along the way might! Be that person that travels prepared! You can find these travel size kits pretty much anywhere.

8.) Microfiber Travel Towel

This one might seem a little silly, but seriously, having a nice dry towel is a necessity for me. If you plan to do a lot of hiking and camping this one is a MUST!   You'll thank me! Enough said.

9.) Travel Diary

WAIT! Before you use the ESC button, you seriously have to listen. You don't have to buy the diary below, it's just my favorite so I had to add it.  Bring a simple notebook, or bring paper stapled together, but please, bring something to write your thoughts and memories on other than the Notes section in your iPhone.  It's one thing that I have never regretted doing and it's the best way to keep your memories real and authentic. 

10.) Blanket

I gave you a hammock but no blanket.  So here is a blanket that you will find more than one use for! Other than planning accordingly for the weather when packing your clothes, I would say this BEARZ blanket is a great thing to have on hand. It's small and compact so it's easy to store, it's waterproof so whether you're sitting down for lunch from a long hike during the rain or sleeping for the evening it will work quite well! (It's not that warm, but it definitely keeps you dry).

So, whether you're packing for solo travel or traveling with friends, make sure you check out these products, there are many more so comment below if you're interested in a post similar to this.  Or if you have some items you think are essential - I would love to hear them!  

I hope most of all you remember to bring an open mind, adventurous spirit and leave your worries at home. That's the most important thing to bring on your travels.
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