The Art of Healing from a Broken Heart

The Art of Healing from a Broken Heart

We all have had broken hearts.

 I'm pretty sure that's true.  When someone leaves you with no reason, it often hurts because you don't know what you could have changed. You find yourself analyzing every situation to see what you could have done differently.  When someone leaves you but gives you every reason why you aren't good enough, it still hurts and then you start hating yourself.  There's no actual cure for a broken heart, you can't take a pill and feel better. They say time heals are wounds, but truthfully, time just makes you stronger, the wound is still there.  

I've been left by many and also left quite a few people.

 It's definitely easier to leave someone, and maybe it's because I never truly felt as strongly for those people than the ones that left me. I've reminded myself over and over again that is the very reason it was so easy for those boys to leave me.  They didn't feel for me what I felt for them. Broken hearts are probably the worst feeling. However, I know that one day you do feel better.  You will one day realize you're both better off.  

Don't dwell on what you can't change.

Don't spend your days in bed or think up scenarios in your head of how one day you'll meet up again and finally be together.  Perfect yourself. Whenever you're feeling down, go do things you enjoy.  Don't always believe what someone tells you about yourself.  Sometimes, those things are true, and you can better yourself by acknowledging that.  Sometimes, what your ex says about you isn't true, so don't wallow in self pity because that usually proves them right. 

You can become successful without them.

It's easier said than done, but you must do everything you can to become a better person.  Chase after those dreams you had before that person came into your life. Guaranteed, you gave up something just to be with them, go back to it once you're alone.  You should never have given that up in the first place.  It's not a competition to become better than that person who ripped your heart out, but a part of healing is realizing you are still capable of being wonderful without that person.  After all, you were wonderful before them, it's not like that changed. 

Make new friends.

Yes, make new friends, especially if all your friends were made through that person.  I've been in situations where my life became my boyfriend's life.  I didn't have anyone that was mine anymore.  It's not healthy to have that happen, but sometimes that's the situation that is presented.  When you break up, you really have to make a new life for yourself.  And that's difficult, but it's real.  Surround yourself with people who won't take sides or make you feel bad about yourself.  Maybe those people care, and don't cut them out completely, but you definitely need to distance yourself of people that will constantly remind you of that person. 

Cry your heart out.

It's OK to be sad, but don't let that consume your life.  Sadness is a part of life. Sadness makes your happiness better. Cry your heart out for a day or two. Maybe a week if needed. Then pick your broken self up and keep going. Life will pass you by if you don't.  When you've hit rock bottom there's only one way left to go and it's up. Your slate is literally clean.

You can start all over and become a better version of yourself.

And guess what? That better version starts becoming attracted to beautiful souls.  That better version of you stops going after those partners that don't treat you right. That better version of you will find someone that supports your dreams. That better version of you will start treating everyone better. You can build yourself up during this time of hurt and one day you'll find that perfect someone

...but first you have to find yourself.  

You may even find you're happier alone.


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