Get A Head Start On Your New Year's Resolution

Get A Head Start On Your New Year's Resolution

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It's time to get a head start on your New Year's resolution....Oh NO, you heard me right.  It's that time of year where we are all worried about gaining those extra pounds so we start stressing and eating more and then when we make our New Year's Resolution we have to lose even more weight than we originally thought.  Honestly, I should have written this post a few months ago because I've already started my "New Year's Resolution".   Admit it, we all have things we need to work on.  These are just a few that I've been working on... and why not start now?

Mental Heath 

For me mental health is the most important.  I deleted my personal Facebook for a few months to remove any toxicity from my life.  Social Media is a drag.  I feel much better not having to read all the after shocks of the election or the constant whining of underprivileged and overly sensitive millennials.  Yes, I just shot down my own generation. It's time you grow up. Does deleting social media before the holiday freak you out? What about all the fun photos you won't get to post?  If you're worried about that, then you probably SHOULD delete it now. 

I also have spent more "me time".  This means I've been writing almost every day.  I've been spending more time painting, coloring and reading books that have been on my list for a long time.  I feel so much more relaxed and productive.  I've also started some breathing exercises because I suffer from anxiety, these have been of great help!

Physical Health

This one is usually on everyone's top list.  I'll be honest, I did the whole New Years workout resolution last January...and guess what? I've worked out more this year than I ever have.  It helped that I purchased a workout journal and started logging my days into a calendar. That way I had some way to pat myself on the back when I went back and saw most of the days with a check mark!  This also helps with my mental health.  I'll be honest, I would beat myself up if I missed a few days but I've now learned that just working out at least 3 days a week is just fine.  And guess what? I don't need to make this my New Years resolution this year because I'm still maintaining a healthy workout life. 

All year I've eaten healthier too.  I've eaten LESS at each sitting.  This means for the holiday I will still eat cookies, I will still eat Christmas dinner and all the extra stocking candy that no one else eats, but I will pace myself and I will not overindulge.  I've also become an on-and-off vegetarian.  This means I cut out meat for a few weeks at a time.  I've felt so much better, but I don't miss out on anything. 


Maybe people don't necessarily make quitting their job a resolution, but I was not okay with my job anymore. l was feeling like I had just worn myself out from my career. I've made a better effort of getting more of an income from working from home but I started to feel like my job was sucking my soul out of my already fragile being.  I've always been a go-getter, but there was no more advancement in my career, so I quit my job. Yup. This might seem like a bad thing to do RIGHT before the holiday season, but to be honest, it was the best decision I've made.  My friends and family understand that they all might be getting socks this year, but I guarantee you, they are much more grateful to have a happy soul around rather than expensive gifts.  Maybe you don't need to quit, maybe you need to apply for that promotion, all I'm saying is, do it now. Don't wait for January. 

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I just took a trip that I would never take right before the holiday, but guess what? This one benefited my mental health and gave me a reason to schedule more trips.  I've also camped and hiked more than ever this entire year. And guess what? I still have a couple more trips before January sneaks up. YAY!  Traveling gives you new perspective which can benefit you in every way you need to "change". 

Maybe you don't have the money to go on a trip right before the holiday, but perhaps you should book yours right now.  Honestly, go somewhere for New Years. Plan a trip for February, but do it before the year is over.  Stop putting off that dream trip because you may not get that chance.  Do it before 2017 sneaks up on you and then before you know it you haven't gone anywhere and it's 2018. Don't let that happen.


Love is what makes the world go round.... right?   I would never say breaking up with someone before the holiday is the best thing to do, but if you're honestly unhappy, it's only going to make it worse if you stick with them through the holiday.  Do it nicely though.  You never want anyone to feel depressed during this season.

I'm actually in a very happy relationship right now, so for me I've been working on self-love.  I tend to tear myself a part and put myself down which actually makes my significant other angry.  What I've learned is to find the things about myself that I do like and this is actually helped my S.O. and I have a healthier relationship.  Whatever it is in your life, make sure you love yourself because then it makes it easier to share the love to those around you.  

So go ahead, start now, don't wait for January 1st, get a head start on your New Years resolution. It's never too early to make your life better. What other resolution's do you have for yourself? Tell me in the comments! 

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