Small Companies You Can Feel Good About Giving Your Business To this Year

Small Companies You Can Feel Good About Giving Your Business To this Year

If you know anything about me, you know I like to support the small guys. The little businesses need us.  The economy needs the little businesses. I was once a small business owner, so I find it so important to always shop small(er) and support the companies that actually deserve your purchase and that spread goodness around the world.  I want to state that none of these companies are sponsoring me to write this post(although it would be nice😊).

The purpose of this post is to show you that you can shop anywhere other than Walmart, Forever 21 or TJ Max. I get it, sometimes we have to go to those places(but do we really)?  Either way, sometimes you can find better stuff from the small guys. This is just me supporting businesses that either have a good message, support a great cause or are just AMAZING! I'm not the biggest shopper, but when I do shop I want it to be with a company that is worthwhile.  I only want my business going to a company that treats me like a person and not just another dollar sign. These are all great shops for gifts for yourself or for that time of year that's coming up where we get to spread the love with our families! I love gift giving for the holiday! And you can shop all from the comfort of your own home(hey, my introverts, I see you, I feel you, I'm here for you). 

The following companies are some that I'm planning to try out or already purchased from and have been happy with the customer service/product.

1.) Fernweh Apparel from good old Nova Scotia, if you don't know where that is, it's close to Prince Edward Island, you of Green Gables.  Eek. That's cool. I need to go there ASAP.  The coolest thing about this company is that they donate 3% of their sales to organizations, "to help them grow and achieve their goals of improving quality of life and the global environment", uh yes. That's a company to feel good about. Not only that, the word Fernweh means wanderlust, a desire to travel, a longing for far-off places.  They have some pretty simple t-shirts and sweatshirts that look super comfortable. Hopefully they come out with some other products.  I'm not sure what shipping would cost to get things to the U.S, but I bet it's totally worth it.  Visit their website here

Source  Instagram

Source Instagram

2. Pop Your Pup  Art. Puppies. Clothing.  Perfect combination. And we all know that YOUR dog is the cutest dog right? Dog owners, like myself, are pretty obsessed with their furry children. This company turns your dog into a shirt. They actually turn any photo of your animal into a shirt, so cat lovers, don't run. I actually have my own Pop Your Pup shirt and it's great quality - looks just like my dog with a little Andy Warhol flair. And. I'm. Obsessed. I'll have to share it on my Instagram soon, so follow me to see it(Once I get my own dog to pose with me, he never listens when the camera is out).  I've seen this company grow quite quickly in the last year, but they are still considered small business to me - and one I'm promoting because...uhh!! Duh.  Free Shipping for all of the USA! Guess what? They also give back. They say that "A portion of every shirt sold is donated to local humane societies and non-for profit organizations that help animals less fortunate. Contributing to help these animals has been something we are extremely proud of as a company." Eek.  Visit their website here.

3. Flight is Life A super small business from Danville, VA...and they offer free shipping WORLDWIDE. If you're an avid traveler and absolutely love FLYING, this is the store for you.  Although their selection is quite tiny, they offer crop tops which is something I always need more of in my closet. They offer both men and women's selections so why not buy something for yourself and something for your Significant Other?  It doesn't look like they currently do any "give back" programs, but I'm assuming they are super new because their Instagram started in June, so maybe they'll add one in the future. Either way, their stuff looks awesome and I look forward to seeing what else they add to their inventory! Visit their website here

Update: Flight is Life sent me one of their new crop tops!  I have to say - Customer service was exemplary and quality of merchandise was ON POINT.  Plus they shipped SO QUICKLY! So I would say, definitely shop here this season!

4. A Twist of Whimsy  A Tennessee gal who is a woman after my own heart- obsessed with creating.  Although there is no give back program, it doesn't matter because it's a one-woman-show.  She deserves all the money that she does make because everything is handcrafted to perfection. There is impeccable photography throughout the website, which is one thing I will always notice and appreciate.  She creates some super unique jewelry pieces that I'm currently drooling over and I can't seem to find which one I want to buy first. Can I have them all, please?  Customer service comes first with A Twist of Whimsy, so if you're one that appreciates being treated like a real human and not a machine - you found the spot.  If you can't find a piece you like, you can even order custom designs!  You can visit the website here - PS. I'll send you my mailing address so you can send me a gift from this place? :) 

5. Mata Traders  A fair trade company located in that city that's known to be Windy, Chicago, IL...(Yes, I've been there, it really is WINDY). The company was started by three best friends who had a bad case of wanderlust, so what more do you need to hear? The website says fair trade helps " end global poverty and inspire ethical companies and consumers to change the fashion industry". You can learn more here FairTradeFederation.  Mata makes some super unique dresses that have a vintage flair and some of the cutest patterns on earth.  It's been like 7 months since I've bought a dress for myself so I might just purchase the dress in the photo to the right because I LOOOOVVE it. They also have some really cute jewelry.  You can visit them here

Crap. I'm already thinking to myself, "so much for buying all these things for other people...I want all these things to myself" Haha!  Time to go do something a little more productive...but at least if I do splurge this time, I'll feel good about it. And so should you.

Have you shopped from any of the above? Let me know about your experience and the quality of product in the comments below. Also if there are other companies you suggest trying out, let me know!

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