To the Girls that don't have it all "Together", Whatever that means...

To the Girls that don't have it all "Together", Whatever that means...

So it seems like everyone in your life has it together. Maybe you're nearing 30 and you're like, "what the hell?  What did I do wrong to deserve this life?" Maybe you're wondering why you still work a shitty part time job with no benefits.  

Maybe your friends are all having babies and getting married and you're confused because your favorite part of the week is still the bottle of wine after work sitting on your couch with your dog. (So many prepositions...)

Maybe on the other side you see friends without kids working for big corporate companies who go on vacation after vacation and flaunt their new car and designer clothing on their Instagram. Maybe they cut you out of their life because you're honestly not good enough for them anymore.

Why don't you have it together? After all, you've been working real hard for a company that doesn't give a shit about you. So, haven't you paid your dues?

Girl, I feel you. It's totally okay to feel "behind" in life.  So many people are in your situation.  

Maybe you're a girl like me who's just trying to work for herself, wondering why her shitty crafts aren't selling on Etsy.  Maybe you tried a few business ventures and failed and now you're swallowed up in student debt and regretting ever finishing college.

Maybe you never finished college and you're still waiting tables (or, let's be honest you probably finished college and are still waiting tables).  It doesn't matter, you're miserable, right?  But everyone takes their own path and blah blah blah.

This isn't a blog post to make you feel comfortable.  

It's NOT OK that you don't have it together.  You really should have it together.  You should be happy and find a job you love. You just have to realize, your "together" is much different than what other people think, but it doesn't mean you should be this miserable. 

So get it together. 

Failure is OK. It's natural and all your friends that seem like they're happy...well, NEWS FLASH, they fail, too.  Maybe you need to get your shitty friends out of your life. And start living your LIFE.

Also, this one is important...

Stop believing the lie. America's version of success is not happiness.

Maybe you need to quit your job and stop being brain washed into thinking that working for corporate companies is something to be esteemed.  Maybe for you it's not. Maybe kids aren't for you.  

Find your own "TOGETHER".  It isn't what everyone else thinks. But you're almost 30, right?  You truly only live this life once. So stop justifying your laziness.

Stop applying to shitty ass jobs.  Keep making your shitty crafts, er, at least if that's what you want to do, but actually push yourself to make everything better.

 Move to a new state. Travel to new countries.  Get out of your comfort zone.  You're not comfortable anyway, right? 

The point is, you have to get it together. You have to do you.

 You just have to stop thinking that your standards are the same as everyone else.  Start by doing what you really want.  Maybe you've always been scared. Just Stop.

Maybe you don't want to be judged because your version of success is "different." Then remove yourself from the people that think that.

 It helps to write a list of what you really want out of life.  And then girl, you need to pursue the shit out of that.



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