Natural Products that Help Reduce Anxiety

Natural Products that Help Reduce Anxiety

As mentioned in previous posts, I suffer from anxiety.  It wasn't until recently that I started to have genuine panic attacks.  I'm also someone that does not want to take prescription medicine, so I'll avoid them like the plague.  Please make sure that if you think you have anxiety, check with your doctor first to make sure these products are OKAY to be taking/using.  I'm not guaranteeing any of these will work for you personally, they are just my GO-TO solutions to reduce my anxiety. 

As always, I'll never recommend anything that I do not personally use and believe in, so although this post does contain affiliate links, my reviews are genuine. 

MONQ. I just discovered MONQ.  I've always been into essential oils, but I always thought the diffusers were expensive, so I really only ever used lotions.  I like the fact that you can throw these in your purse for days you're on the go.  Please keep in mind that the oils are diluted which makes it safe for you to breathe in.  You are also not supposed to inhale, only breathe it in through your mouth and out through your nose.  It took me a while to get used to this, but now that I have I love it. This product doesn't guarantee that it helps with anxiety, and it may even be a placebo effect, however, I find it to be calming and distracting when I'm starting to feel anxious.  I use the Zen MONQ which is my favorite.  I'd like to know your honest opinions so if you end up trying it out send me and email or comment below!

Coupon Code: You can use this link to receive 10% off your first order with MONQ!


Calm.  Calm is a magnesium supplement that I use daily.  I only use a half a teaspoon which is significantly less than it says on the package, but it's best to start out slow as it can give you some abdominal discomfort.  This is my go-to supplement when I feel a panic attack coming on because it works within ten minutes of taking it. I can literally feel my heart rate slow down and my body become relaxed.  There's nothing else that's natural that I've found that actually helps me so quickly. You do have to be careful how much you use.  We lack magnesium in our diets, but get your doctors permission first and also rule out any other cause of your panic. 

Tea.  I had to remove coffee from my every day life to help control my panic attacks, but since I am such a coffee addict, I still wanted to drink something warm and calming in the morning and evening.  I have always used Bigelow tea because they are USA based.  Cozy Chamomile is my favorite!  I enjoy the benefits of having a hot drink that distracts me from my racing thoughts. 

Essential Lotion.  I use Two Old Goats.  This lotion is sad to help those with aches and pains.  I find the benefits of it because if you've had a panic attack, you know that sometimes your body can't relax.  This is calming to rub into your skin before you go to bed or while you're feeling overwhelmed. The scent is quite strong, but I find it to be calming. 


Meditation.  I use a meditation app that has completely transformed my life.  You don't even have to purchase it, although I ended up doing so. I like that you can decide how long you want to mediate.  I actually started to go into a panic attack while I was doing a HIIT work out the other day (you know when you're heart rate gets so high while you're working out that your brain thinks it another panic attack? That's what happened) and immediately I started this app to calm me down.  It's a great app because I need a little guidance when I'm trying to meditate. I'm obsessed. 

Yoga.  Meditation is great and yoga is a part of that.  I have made an effort to do Yoga at least 5 days a week. I also prefer video guidance because I tend to get distracted if I don't have someone's voice guiding me. 

I have some other free and easy tips for a panic attack/anxiety. I've held on to an ice cube during the worst part of my panic, this almost jolted my brain out of the urgency of my situation and made me concentrate on how cold my hand was getting.

 I also like to write if I start feeling anxious, this helps clear my thoughts and put them on paper to help me feel a little more at ease.  

I go outside.  Sunshine is always comforting. Sometimes I just sit out in my backyard and breathe in the fresh air, close my eyes and relax.

 It's definitely harder to make myself feel better and these techniques do not always produce the same results for me, but typically they have all proven to make me feel much better.  Remember, there are many people dealing with what you are going through, you're not alone. 

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