Food is Medicine

Food is Medicine

As someone who is always striving to change my life and make it better in little ways, I've recently decided to really take a look at my diet.  I tend to overindulge in the usual Western diet ways: fries, pizza and ice cream(let's not forget the wine, too) with occasional salads thrown in to make me feel like I've been feeding my body enough nutrients. 

The older I get, the more I realize that I cannot keep up this lifestyle and expect to live a long, healthy life.  With documentary's like What the Health showing the corruption of so many corporations in America, I've become increasinly interested in how food can be our medicine.

 I get that we can't hide from all the bad things. From every single product being wrapped in BPA plastic(do we know why this is now?!) to over-processed and GMO foods, we are constantly weaving in and out of what is trending next. 

I've always known organic is better, and honestly, other than meat, organic isn't THAT much more expensive, but lord, I can tell the difference like you wouldn't believe.  I urge you, try to buy all organic for a week, you'll love the taste of all your foods even more than you did before. 

The last year, after my consistent panic attacks, I started incorporated more vegetables and fruits and removing the alcohol from my diet, however, I was still noticing that I felt panicky most days and sluggish almost every afternoon.  Even with all my tips on how to overcome the afternoon slump, I'd still have days where I was exhausted for no reason and I didn't know what was going on. 

I've also talked about natural ways to reduce in anxiety, and although a lot of these methods have been great for me, I still felt like something wasn't right.  I would feel great for a few days, then I would wake up in the morning and feel anxious. I kept thinking that maybe it was my diet.  Maybe I was gluten intolerant, maybe I was having a reaction to too much sodium, etc, etc. 

I've changed a lot of what I've been eating this past week. I've cut out meat for the most part and when I plan to eat it, I'll make sure it is organic and ethically sourced. I've also cut out bread, and although I believe grains are very important, I do think the way the wheat is processed is the cause for much of the gluten intolerance we see in our society today.  I'm slowly removing the excessive amount of cheese from my diet too.  

Believe it or not, I feel better and I'm getting slimmer in just one week!

I don't intend to become some crazy raw vegan or anti-meat advocate, but if it happens, I guess it will happen.  I won't deny that the results speak for themselves. I would never want to force someone into a lifestyle that they didn't want, but the decrease in my anxiety and health problems and increase in my energy level and mood has made me a believer:

Food is medicine and you are what you eat. 

I'll update once it's been longer and see if eating healthier is consistently the reason for the healing going on in my body.

So I would urge you, do what I'm doing, even if you are a bread lover like me, take a week or two and eat vegetables at every meal, make tiny changes to your lifestyle slowly and soon your body will be craving the good and that's all you'll want to put on your plate!



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