I'm a Low-Maintenance Girlfriend But That Doesn't Mean I Don't Wear Makeup

I'm a Low-Maintenance Girlfriend But That Doesn't Mean I Don't Wear Makeup

 Here's what I want you to know about dating a low maintenance girl, at least the low maintenance girls like me. It doesn't mean I don't take care of myself.  It doesn't mean I don't wear makeup.  It doesn't mean I will take 10 minutes to get ready.  

Low maintenance to me means I don't like shopping and by shopping that means going to stores. I'll happily sit next to my boyfriend finding the latest deals online, but I'd rather not go shopping. 

Oh, and I use my own money to purchase those clothes and accessories. I'll never ask him for his credit card. 

Low maintenance means I can look glamorous AF and TBH it does take me a decent amount of time to get ready, but I'm way better at time management because I respect you.

It means I'll still run out to the store with just mascara on if you need me to. I'll still go four wheeling and camping too. #nomakeup

It means you don't need to buy me expensive gifts, you just need to love me and spend time with me...well and maybe buy me a dog. 

Low maintenance means when we do argue it's about important matters and we won't go to bed angry.

It means I don't hang up on you when we're talking on the phone  because I'm not begging for attention and I'd rather be an adult about things. 

It means when I ask you to order me a drink, any drink you can literally get me anything because I'm not prissy about what I'm drinking. Beer? Yes. Whiskey? Sure. 

It means I'll actually tell you what I want if I am picky because I don't need to play guessing games. 

Low maintenance means you can choose your own outfit, but I mean, if it sucks I will tell you because I care. 

It means I will dress up fancy some days, but I also will wear most disgusting, unflattering pair of sweatpants that you wish I would throw out.

It means if plans change last minute I won't throw a fit and embarrass you in front of all your friends. 

It means I still want to take really nice photos with you but I won't post them all over social media. 

It means when we get in a fight I won't tell our friends unless it's THAT serious.

Sometimes I can be a little crazy, but low maintenance means I can admit it and I won't be offended that you give me constructive criticism. 

It means we can probably pack in the same suitcase when we go on trips because I'm okay with going with the windblown, homeless girl, dry shampoo hairstyles for the week.

Low maintenance means your guy friends probably want me around because I'm just so chill. 

It also means I'll beg you to have a guy night on your own because I see the importance of spending time apart. 

It means we can exchange foot massages because although i don't really like your feet, I don't want you to pamper me without anything in return. 

It means we can go on adventures and do exciting things, but we can also binge shows and play video games. 

It means we don't need to go out to fancy restaurants all the time, but sometimes is nice because we need some variety. 

It does mean I will pull pranks, like leaving a cup filled with water in the cupboard so it pours on you when you go to take it out. Because it's okay if my house gets messy, I'm capable of cleaning. 

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Low maintenance means I know how important your career is, so if we have to cancel our plans because of it, I'm won't ignore you or break up with you for the night.  But I will miss you.

It means I won't make you use the dog Snapchat filter, well...only once, but I won't post it to my story. 

It means that I can admit that I will have my high maintenance moments, mostly when I'm hangry, but it's OK I'll be back to normal once I eat. 

Low maintenance means I'm going to love you more than I love myself... you know... in the really healthy way. 





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