Meet Jae!

Jae Wilde

Jae (they/them) is a 4th generation sewist.

Born and raised in Santa Cruz, California, some of their first memories are of sewing. They still have the tiny ragdoll that they made in elementary school.

Jae learned by doing, and dove headfirst into creating bags and clothes from second hand pieces in middle and high school. Some of their favorite projects were a skirt made of neckties and a patchwork bag that included fabric from pajamas, a scarf, and leftovers from curtains, lined with a towel. They called it "Frankenfabric."

In college, Jae started quilting and creating garments from patterns. They worked in the costume shop of the theatre department while getting their BA in Theatre Arts from UC Santa Cruz. They would often embroider backstage in the dressing rooms during the downtime of rehearsals.

Jae mends for their friends and family and loves to help people prolong the life of their favorite garments and accessories.