Mending Rates

Small fixes/ machine stitching - $15/ hour

Replacing buttons
Small tears

Larger fixes/hand stitching - $20/hour

Large holes that require fabric to patch fully (like knees or crotches of pants)
Buttonhole reconstruction
Zipper replacement

Hand Stitching vs Machine Stitching

You can choose hand stitching or machine stitching, and whether you would like the mending to be visible or more subtle.
I personally like a more visible mend in my clothes, because the age and love of the garment is visible.

Because hand stitching is more labor intensive, the rates are higher.
It may also take longer, adding to the hourly rate, but it is a beautiful visual statement.

Some repairs (like buttonhole reconstruction) need hand stitching because of the placement of the repair.


A spunky patch for my friend's jeans!

The pockets on these pants are lined with a fun red canvas, and he wanted the patches on his beloved jeans to match!

This is a great example of a more visible, eye catching patch that shows how much the garment is loved.

A friend brought me her little girl's cold weather coat that had a hole from some sparklers and the remnants of an at home patch that didn't work very well.

Left to right: Before my mending, the inside after I mended the coat, and the outside with a cute blue flower.

This was a very sentimental shirt for my friend, and it gave me the chance to use quite a few different hand stitches.

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Dad's Woobie Shirt

My dad has had this plaid flannel shirt since my mom was pregnant with me. Needless to say, it needed a LOT of work. I recovered the entire collar and hem, reinforced the button plackets, did a bunch of patching on the cuffs, and put on some bigger patches in places with big holes. He still wears it almost every day, and the fabric is getting very old, so I'll probably continue patching it for a while.

Questions? Send me an email!
Please include an image o
f the piece that needs repairs.

I currently only accept mending within Santa Cruz county.